What is Soft Skill? Is Soft Skill Important in 2020-2021?

Soft Skill Training

What is Soft Skill?

Soft skill is a knack of interacting with other people; be it in office, or in parties or even in our own homes.

In big corporate office environment, it is the soft skill that ranks more than your communication skills.

You will always gain their goodwill and support.

With better soft skills you can achieve more than communication skills can do.

Soft skill has been important for centuries. Only difference is they were known in different names like helpful qualities, gentleman, friendly person etc.

Soft skills enables your colleagues and friends to trust in you. The more they trust in you the more prominent you are.

Soft skills as opposed to hard skills are ingrained in us naturally. It is an interpersonal skill. It expounds personal characteristics of an individual.

Empathy, compassion, kindness are some of the soft skills that are mostly ingrained in us.

Importance of Soft Skill 2020 and beyond!

Soft skills are universal. Every profession needs soft skills. In-fact, soft skill is not a new concept. It is a very old concept.

Soft skill began when humans started interaction with one another and gradually developed more when different tribes communicated with each other.

Without soft skills even hard skills are rendered in- effective.

To achieve great heights of success hard work coupled with soft skills will make it so much better and a smooth journey.

Soft skills and communication skills are the non-technical skills that an employee needs in his or her workplace.

As you gain more and more experience on your job you will automatically adapt to more soft skills.

Soft skills and hard skills

Hard skills are those skills which are acquired during our lifetime. A doctorate in medicine is an acquired hard skill and so is a skill set of a plumber. A bus driver has his own hard skills.

In other words, hard skill is education and degrees which we acquire to get a job or to be qualified to do anything we want to attain success.

It is rightly said;

Hard skills can get you an interview. But it is the soft skills that will get you the job!

Soft skills play an important part in our professional and non-professional life.

Some important soft skills are listed below:

Top 8 soft skills that you need to know

  • Flexibility:

It is an ability to adjust with different situations or circumstances as they occur.

  • Solving Problems:

It is a technique of resolving issue amicably in any given situation. It is an art of solving a problem without taking or supporting any sides.

  • Compliance:

A person with soft skills easily adapts to different situations, be it financial or technical without losing his or her calm.

  • Reliability:

Reliability is when your colleague or friend counts on you or trusts you at the time of crisis. In an office situation the more the office work depends on you, the more prominent you are.

  • Teamwork:

How effective are you in sharing your colleagues’ work load without expecting anything in return and without being selfish. This skill helps in gaining ‘dependability’ immensely.

  • Listening skills:

Imagine when you are trying to explain something to your colleague or friend and he or she is immersed in their smart phone or some other work, how would you feel?

Either you will snap at them or would walk out and would avoid that person.

Here, you colleague lacks listening skill which is a very vital for soft skill training.

  • Good manners:

Good manners are something which we all are trained right from our childhood. It is a soft skill training which we receive right from the beginning and is backbone of soft skills.

  • Well-dressed:

We have heard the term ‘dressed like a gentleman’ or ‘dressed to kill’. The way we present ourselves plays an important part in day to day social life be it in office or somewhere else.

Well-dressed does not mean wearing expensive clothes.

A person wearing decent clothes with well buttoned shirt without wrinkles polished shoes etc. People in general tend to listen to well-dressed colleagues more often.

Soft skills in a job interview.

Apart from hard skills the next thing the interviewer will check you with certain soft skill questions.

As an example, he or she may ask about your strength and weaknesses. The focus of this question is mainly to ascertain how good you are at your soft skills.

When you see a job interview advertisement, note down their soft skill list. Then compare your soft skills with theirs and check the difference.

Soft skills development

Soft skills are an art by itself. Like hard skills, soft skill too can be acquired with the help of a proper trainer or coach.

But many can’t afford to hire personal coaches or trainers or just don’t have time for that.

Soft skill Training

The best way is by reading good soft skills books!

Knowledge acquired by reading these books and later applying them each day will lead you to great success.

We have all acquired natural soft skills right from our childhood itself. The only difference is we lack the ability to use them effectively.

In order to use them effectively, we need to train ourselves – like we train ourselves in hard skills.

Difference between Hard skill and soft skills

The difference is that;

If hard skill is an engine, than soft skill is a lubricant on
which the hard skill engine runs!


With perfect soft skills backed by hard skills one can achieve great heights in his or her career.

Soft skills will help you to achieve any heights you want to reach, provided you have proper guidance.